Nov 07

Meet Fifi

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Fifi Lapin – quoted as the world’s most stylish bunny by Elle magazine. Fifi’s been around the world, wearing all kinds of fabulous outfits since 2007. She has recently started an official e-shop selling her very own drawings, prints and cards.  Forever 21, Delias, Le Sportsac and Topshop, just to name a few, are big fans of hers. Who knows one day she could be appearing on your countertop, binder, mug, even your bath mat.

Meet Fifi Lapin!

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Apr 07

Eryn brinié

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I’ve been paying a lot of attention to this Korean clothing line Eryn brinié, which has opened a store in Soho New York last year and it’s just been picked up by Revolve Clothing. Its style is French-inspired, romantic, feminine yet edgy. You will see a lot of silk, chiffon with leather and metallic finishes. The way they mix trendy, modern and practicality is done very subtly and brilliantly.  Some may compare this to Topshop or H&M, but what makes Eryn brinié different is the fact that it has a concept. It isn’t just about everything trendy or designer collabs, check out these ad campaigns from the past and you will see how they channel their company image to the mass.

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