Aug 22


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Undercover Eyescream T-shirt, exclusive to ZOZOTOWN

Undercover Eyescream T-shirt, exclusive to ZOZOTOWN

I was going through my e-mails today and received an e-newsletter from ZOZOTOWN, I found this very interesting T-shirt from the Japanese brand UNDERCOVER.  As you may know already I’m addicted to unique designed tees, so I really want to show this.

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Jul 23

There are runway fashion for both men and women for each season.  However, the industry seemed to be dominated by ladies wear nowadays.  The general public seems to pay more attention on what’s in for the season and designers’ Haute Couture collection for women.  Just look at the magazines on the market, fashion magazines always target on fashion for women.

Here are some of the reasons:

1. women tends to be more fashionable then men (at least this is the case among my friends)

2. the wrong impression of “the qualities of a man (i.e. smart & intelligent) is more important than his look”

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Jun 18

How much is too much? (part 2)

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Amélie was talking about SPF the other day…and I’m actually talking money…

I was browsing a web page the other day and I found something very interesting.  Remember I told you how much I’m a t-shirt junkie and I always love Lauren Moshi’s cuz she put her illustration onto her tees?  She’s actually selling her art now, featuring a lady with a headband, gold filled wire with freshwater pearls & gold dipped leaves.  Pretty fancy eh?  Well, it doesn’t cost you a million dollar, but close!  You can buy it from here for USD$30,000, I mean if you really HAVE to have Lauren.  I don’t doubt her artistry, I believe she is a great artist, otherwise I wouldn’t buy her tees, but I’m not sure if I’ll spend that much for the same piece of art that’s on my t-shirt, which costs me about USD$100.  I can buy >300 of her other tees with this much money, or…alternative, I can frame the t-shirt and hang it up onto the wall (not a bad idea, isn’t it?)

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May 04

Motorcycle Jacket

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It is always good to have a leather jacket weather it’s Spring or Fall.  Decades ago, leather jackets used to be in black, brown or grey only.  Today, not only that they comes in beautiful colours, they also comes in various styles, and Motorcycle style has been one of the most favourite in the fashion industry.  We’ve seen a few from Spring 2009 including the one from H&M x Matthew Williamson,  now there will more coming out in Fall 2009.

Let’s take a look at some of them. (please move the cursor to the pictures to see the brands and the prices)  You can purchase them online by clicking on the pictures below.

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