Oct 13

How Nerdy is too Nerdy?

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She is wearing a pair of Wayfarer!!

I’m not a nerd, but I like to have my glasses on, which used to be the signature of a nerd, but not anymore, it’s becoming an accessory, even for people who do not need prescription glasses.  I have a friend who never need glasses to read, he put them on just for fun.  It has becoming a trend for a while, the reason that I didn’t post this until now is because I didn’t find some really great glasses that caught my eyes.  However, I recently find something amazing as I was flipping through the latest issue of InStyle magazine, which made me wanna write about the glasses that I saw.  So let me give you the hottest nerdy look for the season.

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May 25

Snap it the old fashion way

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A couple of days ago we were talking about the new stylish digital cameras, today I’m going back to the old fun way of taking pictures — using the LOMOGRAPH cameras.

Lomograph technology is very simple, it is almost the same as using the 35mm film camera, but you can have a lot more fun with it for being artistic by using the cameras called Lomo, that usually comes in 35mm or 120mm medium format.  Lomo offers practically no features at all other then a simple optic lens, no zooming, no red eye reduction and stuff like that, just plain shooting.  However, this type of cameras has becoming increasingly popular in the recent years, I actually thought of buy one myself – iff. I have the time to modify it and have fun with it.

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