Oct 05

Gear up for fall (part 3)

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We’ve introduced some really cool F/W fashion in the past 2 weeks for both men and women, which some of you may found the colours are too dark.  Well…IT IS the season to wear darker colours, but who says we cannot wear bright and fun colours for fall?  I pick some of the most stunning colours for this F/W, they are equally as fun with bright lip colours, or ultra violet shadows.  (Oh…don’t put both on your face at the same time!!!)

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Sep 20

Doll Fashion

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misssixty_junior_fw09-1I’ve had this topic in my head for a long time because I’m a doll collector, my collection including Blythe, Pullip, J-Doll and Super Dollfie 60 cm. (basically all the Japanese dolls)  The main reason that people are crazy about these dolls is that, they all have a style.  Take a look at Barbie, I’m not a fan (she’s too perfect) but I can’t help looking at all the fashion Barbie has, from Anna Sui to Juicy Couture, to Vera Wang, no wonder collectors are so crazy.

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Aug 06

Bird by Juicy Couture

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Bird by Juicy Couture Logo

Juicy Couture announced their new line Bird by Juicy Couture for Fall 2009 back in June, I was very exciting about it.  The good news is, they finally have something new that’s looks elegant and sophiscated, not the same old same old.  The bad news is, I think they are more expensive than the other Juicy lines.  I guess everything is expensive these days, I mean since when does $200 pair of jeans becomes cheap?

Now let’s take a look at the collection.

Erica Wool Parka $598USD, Leather Leggings $895USD

Erica Wool Parka $598USD, Leather Leggings $895USD

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May 28

Art on T-Shirts

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Uniqlo UTI wear tees all year long, doesn’t matter if it’s -30°C outside with snow, or 30°C outside with sunshine, I always have tees on me, and more over, they are mostly short sleeves (you really have to admire the heat system in Canada).  So I’m the worst when it comes to tees, once I realize the cut fits me, I’ll buy every single colour and design of that tee.  This happens to my Uniqlo and Lauren Moshi tees, and apparently, these are my top 2 chooses.
Keith Haring - Good Luck UT

Keith Haring - Good Luck UT

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May 01

So Charming……

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Juicy Couture Charms

Couple of years ago when Juicy Couture introduced a selection of charms, they have becoming one of the most popular items to collect.  I think this is about the time when I started to collect charms myself.  The thing about charms is that, you can basically have anything you want, almost everything that you fantasized, or just anything that you believed will bring you luck, it could be a diamond ring, a crown, a lady bug, a guitar, a lucky cat, even a buddha.  And you can wear them on your bracelet or necklace.


Swarovski Charms

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