Oct 14

I recently received a comment on my Facebook about the items that I chose for my articles were from “last century.”  That was a great comment!  I need comments like these to motivate myself to do better, but I thought I want to clarify the purpose of this blog a little bit.  As an artist, I’m giving the make-up and fashion tips for those of you who needed it, plus some new trends and new items.  They are not necessarily all the newest items because I keep telling everyone, trends comes and goes, BE YOURSELF!  Don’t rule by the trends and the pretty things.  If you want to be stylish and get to know how things should be done correctly, welcome to my blog.  If you want to be Fashion Forward, you don’t need my blog, you’re probably faster by looking at the items in a magazine, or see the Designers Runway videos for next season on Youtube, or look at Lady GaGa. (I think this sentence could be “boo…” by many people =P)  I’m here to create a platform for viewers to discuss and comment on fashion, not just on the items, and you don’t need the newest items to be Fashion Forward.  Lady GaGa dress up with old garbage bags will still get people talking.

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Aug 09

Crazy as usual

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Everyone know that I’m addicted to Vivienne Westwood, it is an unfortunately that we don’t have it in Canada.  I don’t really know what Vivienne is thinking, but I love her unique style.  It seems like she’s in her own world of fashion, the crazier, the better. She doesn’t really have a lot of element really from the latest trends, if you think buckles and straps on the shoes is one, you’re wrong.  She had these on her Pirate Boots Collection for years, I bought a pair 3 years ago when I was working in Asia.  She doesn’t adopt, she creates.  Like Balmain, Vivienne’s collection is not meant to be as daily wear, I certainly can’t pull them off, but they created the “wow-ing effect”.  It’s a different type of “wow-ing” than the John Galliano design, I think Vivienne’s collection has more of a “down to earth” kind of “wow-ing.”   Regardless what effect she gives us, she’s still my Queen in the fashion industry. (click on the pictures to see the details.)

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Aug 01

Wedding dresses is definitely one woman’s fantasy.  Flipping through the wedding magazines and realize that there are too many choices, but almost every piece costs you over $1000.  Well…it is the most important dress in your life, I guess it is reasonable to cost you more.  I mean, who doesn’t want a Vera Wang dress in this very special day?

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Jul 11

The most “over-the-top” masterpieces

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Viktor & Rolf (P.S. they are NOT twins)

Viktor & Rolf (P.S. they are NOT twins)

As I was looking at some strange art sculptures that I found online for my recent studies, I started to think…maybe I should write something about strange designs in the fashion industry.  And I don’t mean crazy wicked non-sense, I meant the true talented designers who gave us the most out of the universe ideas in the fashion industry.

As we may know already, fashion doesn’t always comes with words like elegance…or stunning…or beautiful, they could also be strange, crazy, and over-the-top.

The Great John Galliano

John Galliano (The Great)

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