Dec 03

Sonia Rykiel for H&M

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I remember when I first heard about Sonia Rykiel years ago, Sonia was re-launching her cosmetic line in Asia.  It was one of the popular cosmetic brands there, it wasn’t until later that I discovered her fine apparel.  I can’t say that I love the apparel line back then because of age, I don’t think I was at the right age to look at them, nor do I have the money to purchase them.  Anyways, I’m sure you have known about Sonia Rykiel for H&M will be in store this Saturday, December 6th, which I got the news couple of months back then but wasn’t really focusing on it because we were all overwhelmed by Jimmy Choo for H&M.

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Nov 17

Would you do that?

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As the Jimmy Choo @ H&M becomes the history, I still can’t help wondering how much can we sacrifice for fashion.  I went to Eatons at 9:40 in the morning thinking I want to take a look at how it’s like, and really…it was like a zoo.  It was only 10 minutes after the store opened and everything was gone.  Hundreds of people left empty hands and some cried because they couldn’t buy anything.  I heard the sales saying that people started lining up the day before, which sounded really crazy to me…but just take a look at the pictures here.

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Oct 27

I was digging into the Jimmy Choo for H&M back in June when H&M released the press release for the project.  The campaign picture has been release, as well as the lookbook for accessories and apparel.  Let’s take a look at the campaign pictures and we’ll get into the details later.





Don’t you just love it already?  You can see all the fall trends in these photos: studs, leather, sequins, suede, chunky jewelries and over-the-knee boots, they all make a bold statement.  Now we need to get down into details, let’s take a look at the lookbook for the ladies.

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Sep 30

We’ve had some great selection this F/W for the ladies, now it’s the gentleman’s turn to gear up for this fabulous fall, let’s take a look at these items, I’m sure you can find something that you like.  For the ladies, if you like to pick up some pieces for your other half, go for these seasonal trends, I’m sure he will get everyone’s attention, especially yours.  Always remember, trends are expensive, go for the deals at Zara or H&M, if you can find something similar in the less expensive brands, go for it!  (Click on the pictures and it’ll direct you to the page where you can purchase them.)

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Aug 30

Go for the budget

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Designers brands are great, but they are extremely expensive.  Of course, if you think about how much time the designers put into their designs, the money they spent to market their products or to hired famous models for their showdown every season, and of course, the luxurious materials, I guess I understand why they are expensive.  these designers creative trends, they don’t follow, so if you want to wear what’s in and don’t have the budget, go for H&M, ZARA, or Mango, these brands follow the trends.  It’s good in a way because fashion is not just for uptown girls, and I’ve just discover a brand, Joe Fresh, for women who want to be trendy and with a budget.  Actually, most of us fall into this category.

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Aug 06

Bird by Juicy Couture

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Bird by Juicy Couture Logo

Juicy Couture announced their new line Bird by Juicy Couture for Fall 2009 back in June, I was very exciting about it.  The good news is, they finally have something new that’s looks elegant and sophiscated, not the same old same old.  The bad news is, I think they are more expensive than the other Juicy lines.  I guess everything is expensive these days, I mean since when does $200 pair of jeans becomes cheap?

Now let’s take a look at the collection.

Erica Wool Parka $598USD, Leather Leggings $895USD

Erica Wool Parka $598USD, Leather Leggings $895USD

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Jun 17

Jimmy Choo for H&M

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Jimmy Choo for H&M

For the first time, H&M is collaborating with an accessory line, the glamourous Jimmy Choo for this year’s Fall/Winter collection.  I haven’t seen the whole collection yet because there are only a few pictures released from the H&M, so I’m still waiting for more to come.

Jimmy Choo for H&M 1

Jimmy Choo for H&M 2

The collection will be launched in selected stores worldwide on 14th November, 2009, I guess it’ll be another huge line up in the morning and the collection is expect to be sold within about half and hour.  This happens everytime when H&M launched designers line.  It was the same with Matthew Williamson collection, the collection was sold within 20 minutes at the H&M Eatons due to limited quantity, so prepare yourself for a line up this time for the one and only Jimmy Choo.

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May 04

Motorcycle Jacket

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It is always good to have a leather jacket weather it’s Spring or Fall.  Decades ago, leather jackets used to be in black, brown or grey only.  Today, not only that they comes in beautiful colours, they also comes in various styles, and Motorcycle style has been one of the most favourite in the fashion industry.  We’ve seen a few from Spring 2009 including the one from H&M x Matthew Williamson,  now there will more coming out in Fall 2009.

Let’s take a look at some of them. (please move the cursor to the pictures to see the brands and the prices)  You can purchase them online by clicking on the pictures below.

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Apr 15

Alba Rosa

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200x200_b0100142_01Japanese fashion has always known to be inspiring and influential in the worldwide fashion industry, quite a few of Japanese designers earned the tickets to the grand stage fashion shows in New York, London and Milan.  However, not everyone of us could afford to buy Comme des Garçon or Yamamoto Yohji, so I always search for the alternative.  I usually go for more affordable lines, with good designs, just like H&M and designer crossover.

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Apr 14

Matthew Williamson x H&M

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H&M has become amazingly successful in the past couple of years, given the fact that they have great designs and amazing prices.  Each year, H&M partnered up with a celebrity designer for each of us who loved but couldn’t afford the million dollar designer clothing.  Following the prodigy of Stella McCartney, Karl Lagerfeld, Roberto Cavalli and Rei Kawabuko – Comme des Garçon; this year, Matthew Williamson, an English designer took over the H&M and designer crossover.

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