Jul 23

There are runway fashion for both men and women for each season.  However, the industry seemed to be dominated by ladies wear nowadays.  The general public seems to pay more attention on what’s in for the season and designers’ Haute Couture collection for women.  Just look at the magazines on the market, fashion magazines always target on fashion for women.

Here are some of the reasons:

1. women tends to be more fashionable then men (at least this is the case among my friends)

2. the wrong impression of “the qualities of a man (i.e. smart & intelligent) is more important than his look”

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Jul 19

Heavy on the neck

Jewelry, Premium Designers - By Viennese @ July 19, 2009 2:16 PM 1 Comment »

I love chunky jewelries, especially the ones with rock style.  I think they are very versatile, you can dress then up or dress them down, they also catch everyone’s attention very easily.  This year, big chunky necklaces is one of the hottest trend in the accessories sector.  Designers like Vera Wang, Oscar de la Renta, Kenneth Jay Lane, Erickson Beamon had all came out with heavy duty necklaces in Fall/Winter 2009/10.

Vera Wang Collection (Please move the cursor to the picture for details, click the picture to purchase it if you are interested)

Vera Wang Flower Crystal Necklace Vera Wang Beaded Tie Necklace Vera Wang Crystal Rosette Necklace Vera Wang Crystal, Tulle & Leather Necklace

Ranjana Khan Collection

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Jul 11

The most “over-the-top” masterpieces

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Viktor & Rolf (P.S. they are NOT twins)

Viktor & Rolf (P.S. they are NOT twins)

As I was looking at some strange art sculptures that I found online for my recent studies, I started to think…maybe I should write something about strange designs in the fashion industry.  And I don’t mean crazy wicked non-sense, I meant the true talented designers who gave us the most out of the universe ideas in the fashion industry.

As we may know already, fashion doesn’t always comes with words like elegance…or stunning…or beautiful, they could also be strange, crazy, and over-the-top.

The Great John Galliano

John Galliano (The Great)

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Jun 17

Jimmy Choo for H&M

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Jimmy Choo for H&M

For the first time, H&M is collaborating with an accessory line, the glamourous Jimmy Choo for this year’s Fall/Winter collection.  I haven’t seen the whole collection yet because there are only a few pictures released from the H&M, so I’m still waiting for more to come.

Jimmy Choo for H&M 1

Jimmy Choo for H&M 2

The collection will be launched in selected stores worldwide on 14th November, 2009, I guess it’ll be another huge line up in the morning and the collection is expect to be sold within about half and hour.  This happens everytime when H&M launched designers line.  It was the same with Matthew Williamson collection, the collection was sold within 20 minutes at the H&M Eatons due to limited quantity, so prepare yourself for a line up this time for the one and only Jimmy Choo.

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Jun 10

Muji Logo

Pump Highlighter Pens, £0.90

Pump Highlighter Pens, £0.90

While waiting for the Muji-like Margaret Howell Fall/Winter 2009 collection, let’s take a look at the Muji lifestyle.  I’m not sure if a lot of people know about Muji in North America, but it really is a big impact in Asia when they first launched the store in Japan in 1980.  Soon after Muji launched their first store in Hong Kong in the 90’s (I was still at school), I started seeing my classmates using Muji highlighters and they had becoming extremely popular amongst  the students, and this is where I began to use  Muji products.

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