Dear visitors, we are providing a small section of our background to help you better understand who we are as a team.  Enjoy!!

SDS – Stylish Diva Studio;  A – Amélie; V – Viennese

SDS: A small paragraph about yourself (background, skills, experience)

A: ……(V: she had a hard time describing herself, give her some time to think =P)

V: Founder of the Stylish Diva Studio, a Freelance Make-up Artist and Graphic Designer who enjoy life very much and has a desire to style every woman on the planet.

SDS: Describe your style

A: Dress shirt with skinny jeans and converse. Always carry a scarf in my bag and can’t leave my house without my hoop earrings

V: A mix of everything, usually with short-sleeve t-shirt that has a unique print, jeans and converse, chunky jewelry (the chunkier, the better, LOL!) and studs on everything (e.g. jeans, jackets, and bags).

SDS: What obsesses you?

A: Stripes and polka dots, False eyelashes, Online sample sales

V: Jeans, Leather Jackets, make-up, electronic gadgets, computer graphic books, Vivienne Westwood, my black violet hair

SDS: What upsets you?

A: There’re no MJ stores in Toronto
Hippie headbands – they leave behind an unpleasant mark on your forehead
Monogram designer handbags

V: Can’t find Jill Stuart cosmetics and Vivienne Westwood in Canada;
Heavy black eyeliner with lots of glitter on the lids (trust me, it’s not gonna look good unless you’re doing it in a shoot for editorial);
Colour contacts that don’t suit you (they look kinda freaky sometimes);
Ridiculous import duties

SDS: What’s one little thing you did for the environment?

A: Use FSC certified paper whenever I can

V: I recycle EVERYTHING, even a price tag from a new piece of clothing.

SDS: What’s the most over-rated thing?

A: Fusion cuisine, The Lop

V: Apple iPhone, “I’m not a plastic bag”, MAC Cosmetics, Silence Strings Instruments

SDS: Under-rated?

A: Booster Juice – go out and get some!

V: Microsoft Vista, Clinique Long Wearing Mascara (it’s better than anything, and it’s cheap), Revlon ColorStay

SDS: What’s the most extravagant item you have purchased?

A: I’m reserving this moment for the day I win the jackpot in Vegas and have a Chanel shopping spree.

V: As of today, a Gucci Python Babouska Hobo, I still don’t know why I did that, but no regret, I LOVE IT!!!

SDS: high heels or flats?

A: flats

V: Heels, not that I wear them all the time, but it just looked so much better with everything!!!

SDS: 5-second advice?

A: Get a mac

V: Don’t follow the trend, create your own.

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