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Jun 10

Margaret Howell @ ZOZOTOWN

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Margaret Howell

Margaret Howell

ZOZOTOWN in Japan has been doing very well in their distribution network, they’ve always offer good stuff from the international designers other than just the local Japanese designers.  I always keep my eye on the ZOZOTOWN website for these updated trends and new brands that are entering the company.  British designer Margaret Howell will launch her line at ZOZOTOWN on Monday, 22nd June.


To be honest, I admire Margaret’s design concept, she’s using all natural fabric such as tweed, cotton and linen, material that last.  But I still don’t like her Spring/Summer 2009 collection very much, may be it was just the model, they kinda look like the oversize Muji-wear (you need to view this with IE) to me, it’s simple and clean, which fits very well into the Japanese market.  Yes, they might last, for a line like this, with such a clean design, it really doesn’t go out of style.  The only problem is the price, it’s way too expensive, a single piece of shirt is worth over £100.  I’m not sure if the price is going to be as expensive when they enter ZOZOTOWN, I hope not (even though stuff in Japan is known to be expensive as well), but it certainly worth my time to do some research, because the collection for Fall/Winter 2009 looked much better, “Simple Elegant” should be the phase to describe it, so I’m definitely looking forward to that.  I will keep my eye on this when they are officially launched, then I can tell you if I think it’s worth the money or not.

Mean while I’m still searching ways to purchase items from Japan, there are websites that are providing shipping service for direct purchase in Japan, ZOZOTOWN is a tough one though, but the website is loaded with good stuff, so I’m not giving up yet.  I’ll keep you posted with Margaret’s new collection and I shall let you know if I can successfully get anything from the website.  =D

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