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Extraordanary Chantecaille

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main_company_sylvieMost of my friends knew that I’m a bit crazy about Chantecaille.  If you are not exactly sure what is that, you should really get to know it.  I’m one of my all time favourite cosmetic brands.  Haven’t heard I mentioned this before?  Well…it’s because it wasn’t in Canada last year.

Anyways, enough of saying how much I love the brand, I’ll tell you what’s good about it.  If you don’t know about Sylvie Chantecaille, she’s the founder of Chantecaille, and she created Prescriptives for Estée Lauder before started her own line.  Chantecaille wanted to create a line that uses all natural ingredients.  In fact, most of the Chantecaille skincare and cosmetics are Paraben free, and the loose powders are Talc-free.  The skincare contain ingredients that are anti-aging, anti-oxidant, and anti-bacteria, some of the products even contained natural SPF, so it is very good for people who are allergic to SPF but needed that protection.

I was lucky enough to actually meet Sylvie Chantecaille in person on an event that we did on 4th March, and surprisingly, Sylvie is so down to earth!  I’m sharing some photos that I took from the event, I apologize for the poor quality of the photos because we weren’t allow to use cameras at all, so I just did it with my phone.


The counter at Holts Bloor

Event Stations

Event Stations with Ms. Sylvie Chantecaille


Spring Campaign, that's Olivia Chantecaille


Wait Area


And finally, we have Ms. Sylvie Chantecaille, Connie (our rep) and Sidney (another one of our freelance artists)


La Baleine

One last thing to mention about Chantecaille, if you know about her, you’ll notice that some of the items contains an image of nature, for example le tiger, les dauphins, or la baleine.  For each of that items that’s sold, Chantecaille will donate 5% to the related charities, so she really is putting an effort to protect the nature.  Click here for more information.

All I can say it, I had so much fun at the event, and the products are truly amazing!

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