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Nov 17

Would you do that?

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As the Jimmy Choo @ H&M becomes the history, I still can’t help wondering how much can we sacrifice for fashion.  I went to Eatons at 9:40 in the morning thinking I want to take a look at how it’s like, and really…it was like a zoo.  It was only 10 minutes after the store opened and everything was gone.  Hundreds of people left empty hands and some cried because they couldn’t buy anything.  I heard the sales saying that people started lining up the day before, which sounded really crazy to me…but just take a look at the pictures here.





I was lucky enough to pick up a blue dress myself and I thought I did a pretty good job given the fact that I went in late and didn’t have to line up for nothing.  Honestly, I just don’t see myself camping outside a retail store, it’s November and it’s cold here in Toronto, I truly admired the ladies here who went camping overnight and I think they definitely deserve to get everything they wanted.  The most I would do is spend my one month pay check just for one piece of jacket, and I would probably ran for a jacket if the store is about to close and I really need to pick it up, but camping on the street while it’s 0°C outside?  I don’t think so.  I mean…would you do that?

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