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Oct 27

I was digging into the Jimmy Choo for H&M back in June when H&M released the press release for the project.  The campaign picture has been release, as well as the lookbook for accessories and apparel.  Let’s take a look at the campaign pictures and we’ll get into the details later.





Don’t you just love it already?  You can see all the fall trends in these photos: studs, leather, sequins, suede, chunky jewelries and over-the-knee boots, they all make a bold statement.  Now we need to get down into details, let’s take a look at the lookbook for the ladies.







lookbook_a_29_lowresI love the simplicity of the colours and the edginess of the design.  I also checked the price, I think beside the long dress, everything is between $25-$250USD.  It may not be the usual H&M price for some of the pieces, but it’s definitely worth every penny.  Comme des Garçons was even more expensive with the wicked designed dress last year.  I guess it’s different though, Jimmy Choo is definitely more glamourous and upscale.  How let’s take a look at the gentlemen’s.



The items are more simple for men, but you’ll be able to see more of them from the official websites, I remember seeing a pair of jeans.  I love the fitting of the suit and the leather jacket, the shoes are also stunning, both the shine and the suede leather, I wish Jimmy Choo has more looks for men.  So gentlemen, what do you think?

3 Responses to “Jimmy Choo for H&M (Part 2)”

  1. AC Says:

    Would love to get my hands on those suede open toed boots and studded purse in pic #3 of the look book. But what are the chances? Think there will be ridiculous lineups for this one. =P

  2. Amélie Says:

    super excited for this collection!!!

  3. Would you do that? Says:

    [...] the Jimmy Choo @ H&M becomes the history, I still can’t help wondering how much can we sacrifice for fashion.  I [...]

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