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Jul 19

Heavy on the neck

Jewelry, Premium Designers - By Viennese @ July 19, 2009 2:16 PM Add comments

I love chunky jewelries, especially the ones with rock style.  I think they are very versatile, you can dress then up or dress them down, they also catch everyone’s attention very easily.  This year, big chunky necklaces is one of the hottest trend in the accessories sector.  Designers like Vera Wang, Oscar de la Renta, Kenneth Jay Lane, Erickson Beamon had all came out with heavy duty necklaces in Fall/Winter 2009/10.

Vera Wang Collection (Please move the cursor to the picture for details, click the picture to purchase it if you are interested)

Vera Wang Flower Crystal Necklace Vera Wang Beaded Tie Necklace Vera Wang Crystal Rosette Necklace Vera Wang Crystal, Tulle & Leather Necklace

Ranjana Khan Collection

Ranjana Khan Multi-Chain Necklace Ranjana Khan Chain Necklace

Oscar de la Renta Collection

Oscar de la Renta Feather Fantasy Montage Necklace Oscar de la Renta Netted Glass & Resin Necklace

Other Collections

Erickson Beamon Crystal & Lucite Heart of Glass NecklaceKenneth Jay Lane Chunky Chain Necklace Lee Angel Twisted chain necklace Yves Saint Laurent Leather gem necklace

These necklaces ranging from $225USD to over $2,000USD.  I’m sure not everyone of us has the money to afford them, but if you really like the style, take a good look at their design elements and materials, I’m sure you’ll be able to find similar ones in the market that cost you a lot less.  If this is meant to be the trend of the season, chain stores and local stores will follow!!

I can’t tell you exactly how heavy these big necklaces are, cuz I haven’t try them on.  However, from my personal experience, they definitely carry certain amount of weight, so be careful when you wear then, make sure you go light with everything else, especially your bag, (if you are addicted to big bags like I do) otherwise you get tired of wearing them easily.  Make sure you wear smaller earrings as well, just go with the studs.  It’s worst when you put everything big all at once, that way you’ll lose focus.  Remember, the idea of putting an outfit on is to get these pieces to compliment each other, not to over-power one another.  Same with make-up and jewelry.  You are not going to wear bright red lipstick with glittery smokey eyes, nor should you do the same with jewelry pieces.  Stay clean with the hairstyle as well, don’t go crazy because you think you have a crazy style.

If you decided to go with the light colours  necklaces, i.e. gold or silver with light gem stones, wear darker tops cuz you don’t want the colours fighting with each other, and vice versa.  Also, try to think what colours that you normally wear when you buy these necklaces, you want one that could go with most of the tops.  Keep this in mind, bigger jewelry will cost you more because of the amount of work and material that used to produce them.  When you spend money on it, you want to get the most out of it.  For example, most of my tops are darker in colours, or simply just black, I would wear something that has a bit more shine on it, I would pick a piece that has gold, silver, antique gold or copper tone instead of a piece that has a lot of black gem stones.  Not that you can’t wear them together, but you won’t see as much contrast.

Keep all these things in mind, go ahead and do some smart shopping for the season!!

Have fun and I’ll give you more seasonal trends for Fall/Winter 2009/10.  Fall is always my favourite season to dig out new stuff for myself, and there a lot of extraordinary things going on this year, I’m definitely gonna share as much as I could with you all.

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