Jul 29

Gilt free shopping

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Any shopaholics like myself know Gilt. For those who don’t know, it is one of the BEST online sample sales website out there. They’ve got luxury brands for less, sales run around the clock. Each event lasts about a day, usually begins at 11am the day of. It is by invitation only and it is on a first come first served basis. They do offer waiting list – when an item is sold out, they will contact your via email for an exclusive private sale when they have another shipment. Past sales include Christian Louboutin, Alexander McQueen, Thakoon, Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang, Ted Baker to name a few. Sales happening right now: Helmut Lang, Just Cavalli, John Varvatos…etc.

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Jul 28

Great Colour Treated Hair Products

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I’m the type of person that, I can go out with no make-up, but I cannot go out without my hair done properly.  My natural hair colour is black, with bleached highlights and a very dark violet dye.  Colour treated hair products are a must for me, but I need something more then just making the dye long lasting, products that protect my hair from external damages are also essential.

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Jul 25

Sephora V.I.B.

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Yes, you are not reading it wrong, it’s V.I.B., not V.I.P.  It means Very Important Beauty Insider.

Beauty Insider Gift Palette

Beauty Insider Gift Palette

Sephora has her Beauty Insider point system for a while, it’s a good system, but somehow I didn’t found it very useful.  It is true that you can always redeem points for deluxe samples, but as a make-up artist, I always got samples from the counters that I worked for when I travel for different brands.  And I’m not a sample person, so I didn’t really thought the point system benefit me until today.

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Jul 24

Ultra Violet

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Dior Fall 2009 Campaigne

Dior Fall 2009 Campaigne

I’m talking about violet eyeshadow, not UV.

This fall is all about violet and purple eyeshadow, and it has to be vibrant!  Personally, I think violet works very well with studs, which is going to be huge this fall, because violet has a cool tone in it and it has a sexy wild effect.  Open up any magazine of your choice and it’s all about being rough this season, so as the make-up.  I don’t mean the application, just the use of colours.

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Jul 23

There are runway fashion for both men and women for each season.  However, the industry seemed to be dominated by ladies wear nowadays.  The general public seems to pay more attention on what’s in for the season and designers’ Haute Couture collection for women.  Just look at the magazines on the market, fashion magazines always target on fashion for women.

Here are some of the reasons:

1. women tends to be more fashionable then men (at least this is the case among my friends)

2. the wrong impression of “the qualities of a man (i.e. smart & intelligent) is more important than his look”

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Jul 19

Heavy on the neck

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I love chunky jewelries, especially the ones with rock style.  I think they are very versatile, you can dress then up or dress them down, they also catch everyone’s attention very easily.  This year, big chunky necklaces is one of the hottest trend in the accessories sector.  Designers like Vera Wang, Oscar de la Renta, Kenneth Jay Lane, Erickson Beamon had all came out with heavy duty necklaces in Fall/Winter 2009/10.

Vera Wang Collection (Please move the cursor to the picture for details, click the picture to purchase it if you are interested)

Vera Wang Flower Crystal Necklace Vera Wang Beaded Tie Necklace Vera Wang Crystal Rosette Necklace Vera Wang Crystal, Tulle & Leather Necklace

Ranjana Khan Collection

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Jul 17

Angelina Jolie Fergie



I’m addicted to nude lips.  I think I have nude shades from almost every single brand that I’ve come across, and in different forms, lipstick, lip gloss, lip tint, lip wax…you name it.  So when my friend asked me about how to pick up a flattering nude lip colour, I was excited because this is my area of expertise.  However, it is also very tricky because lip colour is very personal,  if it doesn’t appear the way you wanted it to be on your lip, don’t buy it.

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Jul 13

Shoe Craze

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You see, I like shoes, but I’m crazy about bags. So to me, anything higher than 4″ in heels, it’s useless. Or if they cost more than $300 a pair, I’d rather spend that on a bag. Until I saw this:

Christian Louboutin Nitoinimoi Bandage Ankle Boots

Christian Louboutin Nitoinimoi Bandage Ankle Boots

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Jul 12

The weather in Toronto hasn’t been feeling like summer until about a week ago, it was constantly raining outside (even today) so I wasn’t in the mood of tanning myself until my friend from Oklahoma asked me how she could get a real natural tan.  I honestly don’t go out and tan a lot, and I’m not a fan of tanning bed.  In fact, I’ve never try tanning bed in my life after reading all the articles about how harmful tanning bed is, and how it could damage and age your skin, so I always use self-tanner.  (please also see my other post about self-tanning solution.)

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Jul 11

The most “over-the-top” masterpieces

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Viktor & Rolf (P.S. they are NOT twins)

Viktor & Rolf (P.S. they are NOT twins)

As I was looking at some strange art sculptures that I found online for my recent studies, I started to think…maybe I should write something about strange designs in the fashion industry.  And I don’t mean crazy wicked non-sense, I meant the true talented designers who gave us the most out of the universe ideas in the fashion industry.

As we may know already, fashion doesn’t always comes with words like elegance…or stunning…or beautiful, they could also be strange, crazy, and over-the-top.

The Great John Galliano

John Galliano (The Great)

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