Feb 11

A tribute to McQueen

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I was shocked when I heard the death of Lee McQueen, the designer of Alexander McQueen today.  I didn’t know how to react.  Not too long after I read the news online, I got my friends’ text messages about the death of McQueen.  Amélie and I were both very upset, even regret that we didn’t own a piece or two from the very talented designer.  So this is a little tribute to Mr. Lee McQueen, let’s take a look at the very last runway show from McQueen and see what he contributed to this industry.

Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2010

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Oct 27

I was digging into the Jimmy Choo for H&M back in June when H&M released the press release for the project.  The campaign picture has been release, as well as the lookbook for accessories and apparel.  Let’s take a look at the campaign pictures and we’ll get into the details later.





Don’t you just love it already?  You can see all the fall trends in these photos: studs, leather, sequins, suede, chunky jewelries and over-the-knee boots, they all make a bold statement.  Now we need to get down into details, let’s take a look at the lookbook for the ladies.

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Oct 14

I recently received a comment on my Facebook about the items that I chose for my articles were from “last century.”  That was a great comment!  I need comments like these to motivate myself to do better, but I thought I want to clarify the purpose of this blog a little bit.  As an artist, I’m giving the make-up and fashion tips for those of you who needed it, plus some new trends and new items.  They are not necessarily all the newest items because I keep telling everyone, trends comes and goes, BE YOURSELF!  Don’t rule by the trends and the pretty things.  If you want to be stylish and get to know how things should be done correctly, welcome to my blog.  If you want to be Fashion Forward, you don’t need my blog, you’re probably faster by looking at the items in a magazine, or see the Designers Runway videos for next season on Youtube, or look at Lady GaGa. (I think this sentence could be “boo…” by many people =P)  I’m here to create a platform for viewers to discuss and comment on fashion, not just on the items, and you don’t need the newest items to be Fashion Forward.  Lady GaGa dress up with old garbage bags will still get people talking.

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Sep 30

We’ve had some great selection this F/W for the ladies, now it’s the gentleman’s turn to gear up for this fabulous fall, let’s take a look at these items, I’m sure you can find something that you like.  For the ladies, if you like to pick up some pieces for your other half, go for these seasonal trends, I’m sure he will get everyone’s attention, especially yours.  Always remember, trends are expensive, go for the deals at Zara or H&M, if you can find something similar in the less expensive brands, go for it!  (Click on the pictures and it’ll direct you to the page where you can purchase them.)

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Sep 07

Follow the Houndstooth

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Tweed used to look very old fashion to me.   My mom would wear tweeds, only from Chanel, and not the gray ones, she’s got the jackets in navy blue tweed , black tweed and a pink with white tweed for spring, I guess those are the only ones that look acceptable to me.  Not to mention the Houndstooth…never like them.  This year though, there are a lot of  tweed and houndstooth going on, Moschino, DKNY, John Rocha, Karl Lagerfeld, and Michael Kors are all great supporters for tweed and houndstooth.


Burberry Prorsum

Burberry Prorsum

Houndstooth – Moschino

Moschino Moschino Moschino

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Aug 26

Chanel Cruise Collection 2010

I was never a fan of Chanel.  Yes…I know it’s quite unbelievable.  It wasn’t my style though, the quilted handbags, the pencil skirts, the suits, the cardigans…they were too lady.  But I guess as I slowly approaching 30, I started to appreciate the elegance of Chanel more, and really…Chanel is not for young rich kids.

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Aug 23

79599_1There is no doubt that Marc Jacobs is one of the most talented designer, I loved the crazy ideas that he brought to Louis Vuitton, even though sometimes I may not necessarily agreed with his design for the brand, I should say the handbags in particular.  Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely loved his design for the Louis clothing, he definitely created trends for every season.  I am not going to concentrate on his premium lines today, not Louis, not his own Marc Jacobs line, nor Marc by Marc Jacobs, but his Jacobs by Marc Jacobs line.  I’m not sure if you are familiar with the Jacobs line here in North America, I never really see it available, at least not in Canada, but it’s actually very popular in Japan.  If you ask me what’s in this line, to be honest, not much, it’s all about the totes, and may be a few wallets.

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Aug 20

Remember I wrote a post about Dolce & Gabbana Beauty in the early June?  I just threw a trip to NYC over the weekend and I found the Dolce & Gabbana Beauty counter.  It’s one of the most glamorous cosmetic counter that I’ve seen inside Saks Fifth Avenue, though I wasn’t thrill with the lighting at the store.  The make-up artists there were very helpful and it seems like they really enjoy their work, I guess this is what we are lacking here in Canada.  At least I didn’t feel the artists here are as enthusiastic as the 2 people that I’ve met there at the counter.  If you have a spare moment at NYC, try visit the counter at Saks on the 5th Ave, NYC.

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Aug 15

“Watch” out for the snakes

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I don’t particularly like snakes, including snakes accessories. Every year, there is something represent luck for each Chinese zodiac; unfortunately, in the year of Ox, snack is the chosen one to bring me my luck.  So to make myself like it more, I started to look for accessories designed with snakes.  I bought this really cool black crystal snake ring fom Thomas Sabo when I was traveling in HK and I started to love it, I got so much compliment on it.  Well…I guess they are not so hard to approach after all.

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Aug 09

Crazy as usual

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Everyone know that I’m addicted to Vivienne Westwood, it is an unfortunately that we don’t have it in Canada.  I don’t really know what Vivienne is thinking, but I love her unique style.  It seems like she’s in her own world of fashion, the crazier, the better. She doesn’t really have a lot of element really from the latest trends, if you think buckles and straps on the shoes is one, you’re wrong.  She had these on her Pirate Boots Collection for years, I bought a pair 3 years ago when I was working in Asia.  She doesn’t adopt, she creates.  Like Balmain, Vivienne’s collection is not meant to be as daily wear, I certainly can’t pull them off, but they created the “wow-ing effect”.  It’s a different type of “wow-ing” than the John Galliano design, I think Vivienne’s collection has more of a “down to earth” kind of “wow-ing.”   Regardless what effect she gives us, she’s still my Queen in the fashion industry. (click on the pictures to see the details.)

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