Aug 26

Chanel Cruise Collection 2010

I was never a fan of Chanel.  Yes…I know it’s quite unbelievable.  It wasn’t my style though, the quilted handbags, the pencil skirts, the suits, the cardigans…they were too lady.  But I guess as I slowly approaching 30, I started to appreciate the elegance of Chanel more, and really…Chanel is not for young rich kids.

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Jul 28

Great Colour Treated Hair Products

Hairstyle - By Viennese @ July 28, 2009 1:32 AM No Comments »

I’m the type of person that, I can go out with no make-up, but I cannot go out without my hair done properly.  My natural hair colour is black, with bleached highlights and a very dark violet dye.  Colour treated hair products are a must for me, but I need something more then just making the dye long lasting, products that protect my hair from external damages are also essential.

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