Sep 30

We’ve had some great selection this F/W for the ladies, now it’s the gentleman’s turn to gear up for this fabulous fall, let’s take a look at these items, I’m sure you can find something that you like.  For the ladies, if you like to pick up some pieces for your other half, go for these seasonal trends, I’m sure he will get everyone’s attention, especially yours.  Always remember, trends are expensive, go for the deals at Zara or H&M, if you can find something similar in the less expensive brands, go for it!  (Click on the pictures and it’ll direct you to the page where you can purchase them.)

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Sep 23

Gear up for fall (part 1)

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I’ve always love fall more than other seasons, mainly because I can put on the coolest jackets and they won’t look as bulky as the winter ones.  Leather pants, boots, chunky accessories all belong to fall season.  I love the fashion trends for F/W 09/10 in particular because they contain all the elements that I like. Now, let’s see some of my favourite items.  If you are interested in purchasing any of the items below, just click on the pictures, it’ll direct you to where you should be.

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Sep 12

Kenneth Jay Lane @ Holts

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KJL Display

KJL Display 2Holt Renfrew – Bloor Street held a Kenneth Jay Lane (KJL) event on Wednesday, 9th September, 2009.  It was a private event for the event after the store closed and I was lucky enough to be on the guest list.  I’ve always love KJL’s costume jewelry because his collections had great versatility in the use of material, and the colour choices were spectacular.  Well…I wasn’t allow to take pictures, so I got shots from the window display that they put up excusively for the event, and the items that I purchased.  They also include the”Faking It” book from KJL with his autograph for everyone who made a purchase.

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Aug 26

Chanel Cruise Collection 2010

I was never a fan of Chanel.  Yes…I know it’s quite unbelievable.  It wasn’t my style though, the quilted handbags, the pencil skirts, the suits, the cardigans…they were too lady.  But I guess as I slowly approaching 30, I started to appreciate the elegance of Chanel more, and really…Chanel is not for young rich kids.

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Aug 15

“Watch” out for the snakes

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I don’t particularly like snakes, including snakes accessories. Every year, there is something represent luck for each Chinese zodiac; unfortunately, in the year of Ox, snack is the chosen one to bring me my luck.  So to make myself like it more, I started to look for accessories designed with snakes.  I bought this really cool black crystal snake ring fom Thomas Sabo when I was traveling in HK and I started to love it, I got so much compliment on it.  Well…I guess they are not so hard to approach after all.

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Jul 19

Heavy on the neck

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I love chunky jewelries, especially the ones with rock style.  I think they are very versatile, you can dress then up or dress them down, they also catch everyone’s attention very easily.  This year, big chunky necklaces is one of the hottest trend in the accessories sector.  Designers like Vera Wang, Oscar de la Renta, Kenneth Jay Lane, Erickson Beamon had all came out with heavy duty necklaces in Fall/Winter 2009/10.

Vera Wang Collection (Please move the cursor to the picture for details, click the picture to purchase it if you are interested)

Vera Wang Flower Crystal Necklace Vera Wang Beaded Tie Necklace Vera Wang Crystal Rosette Necklace Vera Wang Crystal, Tulle & Leather Necklace

Ranjana Khan Collection

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Jul 07
Giles Deacon's 'My Mickey Ears'

Giles Deacon's 'My Mickey Ears'

I think roughness comes into play in the fashion world since we hit the Rock & Roll era, and it sure impact us big time.  Now even with Mickey’s ears!!  Seems like everyone needs to be rough in order to be loved.  So today I’ll show you some tough love  and give you the new roughest trend of Fall/Winter 09/10.  Just one small advise, don’t go over-the-top by being too rough from head to toe, you’ll scare people away on the streets.

Alexander McQueen Fur-Trim Biker Jacket & Lace-Up Military Trousers

Alexander McQueen Fur-Trim Biker Jacket & Lace-Up Military Trousers

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Jun 10

A bag of jokes…

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I subscribed newsletters from a couple of Japanese online stores at Rakutan so that I can keep updated with the latest Japanese fashion and trends, and I realize that Japan is very fast in terms of screaming out their they unique trends and styles.  Anyways, so I’ve the newsletter e-mail from a store, I opened it and I can’t stop laughing about these canvas bags…the letters written on the bag as “MY OTHER BAG IS LOUIS VUITTON.”  I thought this must be some kind of joke from the Japanese, I clicked into the website and see if there are other selections, I saw the same bag with Hermès, Chanel, and Gucci…and then I found out, the bags were actually designed by a New Yorker – Jessica Kagan Cushman (JKC).

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May 15

Tiffany & Co. 1837 Black Titanium Cufflinks

Tiffany & Co. 1837 Black Titanium Cuff links

When I started working as a marketing executive in Asia, I always had to wear shirts with dressy pants and a blazer for meetings and clients, that was pretty much the dress code over there and to be completely honest with you, I found them boring.  Of course you could dress in style, like shirts with ruffle, high waist wide leg pants, Vivienne Westwood pencil skirts, etc. 

Tiffany & Co. Bean Cufflinks, USD$265

Tiffany & Co. Bean Cuff links, USD$265

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May 01

So Charming……

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Juicy Couture Charms

Couple of years ago when Juicy Couture introduced a selection of charms, they have becoming one of the most popular items to collect.  I think this is about the time when I started to collect charms myself.  The thing about charms is that, you can basically have anything you want, almost everything that you fantasized, or just anything that you believed will bring you luck, it could be a diamond ring, a crown, a lady bug, a guitar, a lucky cat, even a buddha.  And you can wear them on your bracelet or necklace.


Swarovski Charms

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